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2019-02-13 13:03:50

Lindsay Wu to win NASA' s iTech competition last year. NASA wu sees potential for Mars mission.

Dr lindsay wu anti aging. Dr lindsay wu anti aging.

UNSW- Harvard scientists unveil a giant leap for anti- ageing. DR LINDSAY WU: So there is a drug at the moment that' s called metformin it' s an anti diabetic drug, it' s been around since the 1950' wu s.

A bridge for promising research. In, Professor Sinclair made a link between the anti- ageing enzyme SIRT1 and resveratrol, a naturally occurring molecule found in tiny quantities in red wine.

Reversing the ageing process with Dr Lindsay Wu. Anti- ageing vitamins that help boost DNA repair will be tested on humans this year.

Reversing ageing with Dr Lindsay Wu. A wu separate Japanese study showed mice given NMN gained less weight.

There is a clinical trial under way to see if that extends. Scientists unveil a giant leap for anti- aging Date: March 23,.

NASA is working with Prof Sinclair and his UNSW colleague Dr lindsay Lindsay Wu to see if NMN could help protect. NHMRC Project Grant APP1139763,.

This serious scientist is working on an anti- aging pill - and taking it himself. Professor Sinclair and his colleague Dr lindsay Lindsay Wu are working on making NMN into a drug substance.

The pair of scientists' biological solution aging beat out the creations of 300 others in the competition. Picture: Stephen Cooper.

Professor David wu Sinclair ( front) and Dr Lindsay Wu ( far left) with the UNSW research team. He lindsay teamed up with Dr.

who can suffer what Dr Wu terms " accelerated ageing". Professor Sinclair and his UNSW colleague Dr Lindsay Wu were winners in NASA' s iTech competition in December lindsay last year.

Photo: Britta Campion. Dr lindsay wu anti aging.

Translating new advances in oncofertility‚ÄĚ : CIA A/ Prof Robert Gilchrist, CIB Dr Lindsay Wu, CIC Prof Johan Smitz, CID Prof Teresa Woodruff, CIE Prof William Ledger, CIF Dr Kirsty Walters. For Alzheimer' s patients, resveratrol brings new hope.

Sinclair and Wu have been working on the aforementioned anti- aging treatment for the past four years. Never say die: David Sinclair' s anti- ageing quest.

Humans could live longer and healthier lives by taking an anti- ageing drug being trialled this year by Australian scientists including Professor David Sinclair ( C) and Dr Lindsay Wu ( far left). University NSW researcher Dr Lindsay Wu, pictured in his laboratory, is taking the anti- ageing pill.